Our Services


We remove the door and clean between the glass panels.

 Remove and clean the racks and trays that are part of the oven.

Remove and clean any panels including the rear panels and fan blade (This is where most build up is drawn).

Cook Tops

We clean the grates, burners and in the case of glass cook tops remove  the burn rings.


Range Hoods

We flush the filters and clean behind them around the motor intake as well as cleaning the exterior.



We hand clean your BBQ where it is located, placing a waterproof floor cover under it. We dismantle your BBQ down to the drip tray, remove all build up, clean and reassemble. We clean the exterior.

.The cleaning fluid we use is a special degreaser that turns the fat and grease to dirty water which is environmentally friendly. There is little or no smell and you can use your oven or other appliance straight away without affecting your cooking.

Dirty range hood or cook top?

Kev will clean it! 
(Along with stove, oven or BBQ)